What Tools Does a Professional Locksmith Use?

A barbed gun, also known as locksmith guns, is a popular tool chosen by locksmiths. Tweezers, the basic tool used by our locksmiths, are used as an extension of the hands during the process of replacing and changing the key of the lock. The tips of the clamps help you to easily grasp the pins of the lock and control it, and this helps to get the broken part of the key out of the lock. This is the most common and basic tool that all locksmiths use for locksmith work.

At Locksmith Monkey, the drilling machine is our reference tool, since we use it every day during our locksmith work. We can't do our work without this tool. It is used to make wrenches with 100% accuracy and functionality, which involves many steps and requires the right tool. We also use key cutting machines to manufacture the most accurate key for your lock, and these machines help our locksmiths easily make copies of lost or damaged keys.

In addition to these tools, a good computer is essential for a new automotive locksmith. This is because it provides information about the bites, blank spaces, location of codes and much more in order to originate keys. City rakes and Bogata rakes are two practical locksmith tools that are popular for personal collections. Having your own locksmith tools can help you the next time you're in trouble or don't have access to a phone to call a professional locksmith.

At Locksmith Monkey, we are experts in manufacturing different types of keys for residential properties, commercial properties, or vehicles. We also provide timely assistance with other security solutions such as safe installation, lock installation, latch protector installation, door installation, lock replacement, duplication of keys and key change. The tools that locksmiths use are sold under several different names, even though they are all manufactured by AD. Locksmith Monkey is one of Portland's most trusted locksmith companies offering timely assistance with the best security solutions.

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