What is the Difference Between an Access Control System and an Intercom System?

Access control systems and intercom systems are two distinct security solutions that are often used in tandem to provide a comprehensive security system. An access control system is a way of authorizing access to an area, such as an electronic key or a PIN keypad, while an intercom system is a two-way communication system that is connected to the electrical system of your home or business. Door entry systems are becoming increasingly popular as a secure way to provide access to communal buildings. These systems act as both a doorbell and intercom system, allowing you to control who enters your workplace or property, while also providing a security system to control staff access to the entire building.

Audio intercoms are an effective form of access control for companies seeking to protect access to, from and around their facilities. Key entry systems are also a secure way for a company to control access to and from its building and facilities.

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