Do Locksmiths Work with CCTV Systems?

Cameras have the potential to give you peace of mind and, with the rapid development of technology, installing a system is no longer an expensive task. If you are interested in one of these systems, our certified locksmiths can provide you with an assessment of your personal home camera needs. Video technology is both an art and a science, but it's easy to learn, giving locksmiths an advantage when customers need both door hardware and video. Many locksmiths have been hesitant to add video surveillance products to their line, but a growing number of their peers have taken the plunge.

However, it is important to do research as low-voltage work is regulated in some states. John Nolan, owner of Reliant Security, a full-service locksmith company in Grand Junction, Colorado, specializes in locksmith services, cameras and alarms. Nolan believes that locksmiths who are willing to leave their technological comfort zone will have better opportunities in the future. Wilkinson adds that locksmiths have extensive knowledge of mechanics and many already have experience with electric locks and access control systems.

We offer a wide range of services, including automotive, residential, commercial, door, safe and emergency locksmith services. He argues that locksmiths who are not dedicated to video and alarms are leaving money on the table and encouraging their competitors who do. Wilkinson also says that success depends on the investment that locksmiths are willing to make in themselves and in their staff. Don Snowden, senior vice president and general manager of global markets, communications and security solutions at Wesco International, says that it is essential for locksmiths to grow their business through video.

Chicago Locksmiths offers residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services throughout the Chicago area. I think locksmiths have an easier transition to low-voltage security than the typical security integrator who works with door hardware and key systems.

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