Can a Locksmith Open a Safe?

When you've lost the combination to your safe or the lock has failed, you may be wondering if a locksmith can help. The answer is yes, a professional locksmith can open a safe. They have the experience and training to access your safe without damaging it, and they can also provide maintenance to keep your safe in good working order. Before drilling, a locksmith will try other methods to open the safe.

This includes listening to specific sounds and feeling the vibrations of the dial when it's turned. With this information, they can find the right combination to open the safe. If this doesn't work, they may use a boroscope to get an idea of how to open the lock after drilling a small hole in the safe. In some cases, locksmiths may be able to access drill points for a given safe.

These points are closely guarded secrets and require verification from the locksmith before they're provided. To find these points, the locksmith must use their knowledge and pierce the safe (possibly several times) in an attempt to find a place where they can use the sight to see the mechanisms and be able to open the safe. If an override code is needed for electronic locks or dial combination, locksmiths will try to obtain it before drilling. This is why it's important to have your combination lock checked by a local locksmith every few years.

It will help maintain your investment and ensure you can continue using your safe for many more years.

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