What tools do locksmiths use to open doors?

Locksmiths carry a special set of tools that include picks, screwdrivers and drills that they use depending on the type of door and the locks installed inside. Locksmiths use a variety of tools to open doors. The first tool in a locksmith's arsenal are picks. Locks are curved or bumpy pieces of still that act like the points above and below a wrench.

The locksmith inserts the pick and lifts the pins to act as if the right wrench is being used. Another tool is used simultaneously to turn the lock. Closed but not locked doors are opened using the locking mechanism of the door handle. When it comes to doors, we distinguish between single and double discount doors.

Therefore, different opening tools are also needed to open these doors, even though the opening technique or the unlocking technique is basically the same. The doors of the rooms and also the entrance doors of the houses are usually single-detour doors. Security doors or firewalls, on the other hand, are more commonly constructed as double compensation doors. This opening technique involves the use of, for example, cards to open doors, anti-panic retractors, spatulas or needles to open doors.

For some doors, you may need the right accessories to expand the working space between the door and the frame. With this technique, the opening tools are inserted between the door leaf and the frame to open the door using the door handle mechanism. The type of tools needed for this unlocking technique also depends on whether the closed door opens inward or outward. The anti-panic door lock, for example, is one of the professional unlocking tools used by locksmiths, especially to open doors that open inward.

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